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Behind the Profiling bars of Greed!!! The Real Super-story!!!

                              On May 9, 2014  at 02:30 in the morning after not being able to go to sleep. I decided I didn’t want to waist a perfectly good Saturday night in the house and not having fun. I figured since I’m working on a very social project with my new lable: Why not go out and mingle with the masses. Although my expectations where good and mad with no ill intent; I had no Idea I would never even make it close to the destination I pre-intended. School had become a social barries, so I left my apartment thinking a nice bike ride down town and a couple drinks would be more then enough to get my creative juices flowing agine. So with no more debating or delays, I paced out the door: bike in hand, and locked my door with the thought that I would only be gone for a maximum of 5 hrs.

          On my way down the steeps I greated one of my neighbors on his way home from work with a little small talk and continued out on my bike ride. It was exactly what I needed to release the stress of school and work. I found my inner child as I pretended in my head to be some type of competition to a passing car on my side, as I made my way out of the parking lot onto the main road. Ridding this bike made me feel so free…..All of a sudden I was taking back to a long forgotten childhood memories. I hadn’t ridden a bike in 5yr with my enlistment and getting back on my feet financally after leaving the army. All of a sudden I felt like a kid agine. The feeling alone put me in a world that I had forgotten over the year existed. I was for the first time in the last month and ahalf feeling Alive….
My feelings of peace where sliced by the sharp vivid reflection of red and blue lights reflecting off of the approching street signs. I came to a stop and before I had a chance to drop my kickstand I was quickly asked by a officerer “Do you know why I stoped you.”. In my head I replyed because Im black… but my mouth replyed, “No Officer.”. “You don’t have a light on the back of you bike.”, He replied. “Do you have some from of ID?”, He quickly asked. “No officer im a goregia resident down here attending school.”, I stated. To which he replyed “Do you have any weapons?. “I then said “Hold on; am I under arrest?, or am I being detained?”, to which he repled “No Not Yet!”. I then said, ” I would like to invoke my right to remaine silent.” The officer then throw me in had cuffs and said, ” Now your under arrest, and your obviously a conviced felon.”

As they conduced there serch without consent: it tured up a pocket knife; as well as, a Stunn Gun which are both legal in the state of florida. He then stated, “You don’t have to say anything your going to prison anyway, you probably have a warrent out for you.”. After running my prints they found none of this to be true, but, I still sepent 2 1/2 weeks in jail in ASO in Gainesville,Fl

before I was released and when I called to see when my court date was I was told that there was no record of me ever being arrested. I was sterotyped and targeted and this is just one of many stories I have that begin the exact same way.