Life Is What You Make Of It!!!

Life Is What You Make Of It!!!

April Showers Bring Springs Flowers!!!



SelfMade Ceo Wade

Josephis K. Wade



Spring is the time of year when a-lot of cultures felt it was time to prepare for the new year.


This time of year is also a time to count one’s blessings, and be thankful for what you have in-order to be blessed with more. As well as; A time of year to get in touch with one’s enter most level of consciousness, in order to express one’s emotions that may be suppressed.

Sharing your thoughts and Ideas, setting goals, bringing family support, and restructuring is all apart of the growth process. I would like to meet people who can share thoughts and a high level of openness of options without judging or being bias.

Spring cleaning can be a conceptual approach you can not only apply to your home; But furthermore, an approach you can also apply to your social life. The time for transformation and vanquishing the old thoughts and Ideas to make room for new concepts, or new growth in all area’s of one’s life!



Any Ideas, promotion, or conversations can be E-mail to me at!

April Showers Bring Springs Flowers!!!

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