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The Goal of this post is to give some of my fans access to my music; as well as, of some artistry of friends of mine. From the same city I’m from most of them! This has been a long and drawn out path for me….I haven’t ever put so many eggs in one basket; furthermore, changed everything about my life in aspirations to achieve one goal. It was a rough transition, and I was afraid it would be too much on me. Contrarily, this blog has actually been a good promotional tool for me; as well as, giving me a place on the web I can call my own, and express myself without the cost of starting a new website. In the spirit of manifesting things of this nature, I hope to encourage other artist, rappers, and freethinking minds to take more of an assertive path in their advertising, publishing and promotion of their artistry.

Most of my separated, creative, and good Ideas: Those have been a major game changer in the reach of my social influence; in last 3-months, have taken a lot of mental focus, and commitment. This has also been a good life long lesson on how being committed to your craft shows others that you are serious about your artistry. Anyone can make the statement that they want to be successful; but, few people are willing to actually sit down and do what it takes to make those dreams a reality. Try your best to never get so caught up in the look, and/or the sound of things. Objects in the mirror can be bigger than they appear.

We live in a day and an age where talk is cheaper than it has ever been ever before in a decoded series of millenniums. People go out of there ways and spend many man hours trying to deceive people to get what, and where they want to be in life. Actions speak louder than words…. Don’t say who you are, and your current situation or projected level of success. Let an inquirer see your works; furthermore, let him see you work. There’s this certain un realistically high level of imaginative creativity that becomes a vital quality; and likewise, an asset to have to be a leader in your field of craft. Being a victim of other people’s desperation is working again you. A lot of people want to be your friend and stand next to you when they see you doing things that lead to or resemble success. Some of the people I have had to do work with in the past are quickly and easily raised to envy: when they know you believe you have a better shot then them.

Stay away from people who want to take your dreams away from you. Some have a goal in the beginning to crush your spirits. They hate me: I say, just let the hatters hate. I’m legendary and soon there will be no room for debate. There will always be hatters, and there will always be doubters and then there will be you there proving them wrong. Don’t really get caught up in the look of things. Objects in the mirror can be larger than they appear…. 2pac said keep your head up and they only hate you when you think you’ll make it. When you have a better shot then them and that tends to lead to jealousy and envy. If you focus on the negative you will never be able to see the positive and conduct business at the professional levels you want to. You have to look past the bullshit and let people say what they say.

If you were half as bad as they were making you out to be, then why are you even on their mind. You would-be so beneath their conversation; as well as their attention, but when they seek your acceptance and are scared that you won’t and/or mad that you might not accept them that’s when there true personality really shows
itself. If someone is not of your motto; furthermore, they shouldn’t be of your conversations as well. Yeah you can type faster than me but can you type as long and as well as me. Can you rap? Can you build metaphors out of thin air? Do you have a blog? Can you dance? Are you on sound cloud? Have you ever served in the US military? Have you been to Afghanistan? If you haven’t walk in my shoes, or lived a day in my life….You can’t judge me. But that’s what a lot of people do because our society has gotten so caught up in stereotypes and thinking that where better than anyone who doesn’t look like us or who we feel we are prettier than.

This is such a closed mind way of approaching social relationships. A lot of American’s have been fooled into thinking all black people are dumb so I go above and beyond stereotype and go the extra mile to make change. I’m sick and tired of being underestimated and not allowed to work jobs I know no one can do as good as me, because of a racist viewpoint someone’s father or mother had about black people. It stops today and it stops with me and it stops with this blog. Jay-Z as well as other artist has paved the way to the way I think and live. I live to be free and for the survival and sprit of my people. I refuse quit I refuse stop and I refuse to stop. Kill them with kindness and by making every thought they have look mediocre in comparison to yours. when you sit in a room and release your anger through word to the point you type a page longer than a college assignment just to release the anger that a person generated throw word that were meant to hurt. That is when we are moving toward a better way of expressing ourselves and being the solution instead of a part of the problem.

Cause at the end of the day everything I give is for the good of my fans and my people. I have no preconceived thoughts, opinions, or masked emotions In respective to individuals I’ve never meet. I understand my race has its problems. A large majority of those problems come from giving up hope on trying to express feeling and feeling hopeless in the very same country that was given us by our forefathers.


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