Savage Tattoo


                                                                                                                                              Savage Tattoo Done 5/6/2014

Savage Tattoo

Tat#26 – Gainesville,FL – Free for promotional purposes


          This is a photo of a tattoo that I drew-up; from scratch and tattooed on a neighbor of mine free of cost (for promotional/practicing purposes). Most people I know and know me would think that such a idea in conception is Ludacris. Sacrifices play a major part in every growth based, transformative, and/or learning experience I have encountered in my life to date. In manifesting this tattoo out of my creative mind into the physical representation in this photograph, I learned how counterproductive money is in determining how much effort, worth, or detail a project needs and/or the issues as a result of lack of quality given to one’s artistry when it is the motivation gas of ones creativity. To become better at something and/or become the best of all time at it…..You have to take away all the corrupting motivational factors or it will bring you more negativity than good at the end of the day. The client who I chose to give this gift: spent about 2hr making up his mind on what he wanted to get, changed his mind, and questioned if I was capable of what he was requesting as if it was more of a risk then something I was doing out of kindness. This also was a test on my patience, but I know that god won’t give me a task in life that was too complicated, not meant for me, or marked to fail. I fight all the negativities that others manifest with kindness and unconditional understanding. People will always question you if they feel that they are smatter then you; but furthermore, they know that they can’t accomplish the task in which you are attempting.

          Sometimes this is the nature of people who are quickly raised to envy, but, this is not where you lose focus, forget the cause, and run for the hills. It’s your job as an artist to turn that under estimation into a positive form of energy can be used to drive you like an artistically fueled engine, and push past the doubters and all there negative preconceived expectations of your demise and failure. A person value shouldn’t be measured by his fear or aggression, but, his courage; because, it is courage, heart and passion of love that then intern negate fear, doubt and superstitions. Know who you are and believe in yourself or you will let others define you and, tell you who and/or what you are to the point you lose your identity in the pursuit of others expectations for your life. Power is the ability to define someone’s reality and have them accept that definition without fighting or questioning it on their own will. Even if the person don’t morally agree with the cause, dream, and or what’s being accomplished. You make them think by helping you reach your dream they’ll somehow save up enough money to one day live out their own. This is like a pyramid scheme; except, it’s structures and rules of operations are a little more complicated than your modern day MMC;/MLC. In order to make your dreams a reality in this life: You first have to take control of your own mind; and then, keep it focused on a means of your own choosing. The mind is the one thing that it’s completely foolish to waist and time is probably the next. These day we are living in a magician’s fairytale world, you have to stand for something; or , you’ll fall for any and everything.

          The details in this tattoo are a reflection of me taking tattooing serious as an art that I have the ability to excel in. If I put my all into it and stay focused to it; there is nothing artistically I won’t be able to master. This was like the 28th tattoo I’ve done so far, but I’m still learning new techniques with every new tattoo. My lining skills have improved, I’m learning to shade better; as well as, bettering my ability to work with clients that tend to slow you down in the creative process by bringing all the negatives to the forefront. But this is when you truly find out what you’re made of. In every dark cloud there’s a silver lining and if you’re looking for it the odds of you finding it are increased. When the pressures is on and/or it is a time of tragedy: that’s when the heroes of the age distinguish themselves from the mediocre and easily timid masses. Keep your eyes focused on the prize and fight for your dreams with every fiber in your being. Stay away from people that discourage you and/or lack faith in your ability to achieve. When you are able to cut these opinions off; you will finally see, the only thing that’s ever been holding you back in life is you. Change the way you think and everything you gravitate to; as well as, all the things around you will change in contrast to your new found courage, feelings, theologies. Whatsoever the brain can conceive and believe; It can, and surely shall achieve. The biggest learned traits that hold most people back from accomplishing their dreams are;  procrastination , Pride, Arrogance, and ego….These are also symptoms of people who fall in the categories of committing the 7 deadly sins.

I encourage all my blog readers to do research, study, perfect, and also correct me on any information that you see that I got wrong in any of my post. I’m not a English or a spelling major; but likewise, I won’t let a lack of knowledge be the thing that stands in the way of my accomplishments!!!





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