Silicon Valley Syndrome

I think it’s like that with a lot of things in life when people get there hopes and plans set on A. If you don’t have a Plan B you run the risk of being that single 40 year old on your mothers couch playing bingo with her friends. Social relationships these day are so much based on what you can do for me It tearing apart familys, and making the glorification of stupidity a goal for future generations. Sad really!!!

@pmarca Says

A growing problem I see often now, arguably the ultimate first world problem, but still a problem, and fascinating to watch. I call it “Silicon Valley Syndrome“. A high-end applied version of the Paradox of Choice applied to genius, high-potential tech whizzes. Acute strains among Stanford grads and young alumni of the largest hot companies like Google etc. But not limited to them, it can infect anyone here.

Presents as achievements and career paralysis overload of too many great choices freezes the ability to decide, commit, and stick to one thing. Do important work for a big company, take one of 20 hot start-up offers, found your own company with any of 5-10 possible co-founders and become a junior venture capitalist? Agggh!

Not nipped in the bud, it becomes chronic, damages 5-10 prime career years. The resume becomes a saga of job hopping. Once potent potential dissipates. Years…

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