My New Musical Venture!!








This is the day that the lord has made!

                                                                 Welcome to my blog of inspirational artistry.

            I recently bought 2 guitars in-order to challenge myself musically; as well as, it is helping me to further develop my talents as an Musician & Artist. To be the best possible that you can in your area of inspirational creativity: You must first prefect your talent as much as allowed and constantly challenge yourself to get better in different areas!



          Anything the mind can conceive, believe, and perceive, it will eventually with mass efforts archive. There will always be people that come to tell you to give-up, you cant do it, your not good, and there will be people that encourage you; as well as, tell you that your there inspiration to keep going on with what they wish to accomplish in life. The key to staying on your grind is which voice you chose to listen to and let sway your perceptions of yourself, you judgement, and what you wish to accomplish in your life. When people don’t feel they can do something, or don’t know how to do something; they tend to refract there inner limitation; that they place on themselves, onto you and tell you that you can’t achieve it. It will never be easy to achieve your drams, but in the end it will all be worth it.


         One of the most critical parts of mastering your talent is doing your research in depth and finding a subject matter expert to teach you the things you would have to learn by putting in hours over time. They are also good for exposing you to the lingo of the field in-which you wish to excel in. As well as, its a good idea to make as many friend in the field as you can: that you are sure knows what there doing . Learn from them, and learn to speck the langue of the filed you wish to dominate. One thing that gives people confidence in the person that there working with is when they understand the terminology of there field of expertise. It makes them appear a expert even if they aren’t and in some situations it’s hard to collaborate when the person doesn’t understand what your talking about or you have to keep stooping the production to explain to people the process in depth.


Well that’s all for today’s post. I am commented to typing at least one post a week. But so many changes have been taking place that I find myself doing it allot more than that……Oh well….I wish you all the luck and success your mind can conceive!!!


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