Should You Start a Newsletter?

The Daily Post

The web flows, each and every day, with or without you: a constant stream of news, status updates, and posts to bookmark and read. Alexis Madrigal once described the internet-as-stream beautifully in the Atlantic — a never-ending feed, and the source of our FOMO (“fear of missing out”).

As your blog grows, step out of this blogging stream and think about how to share your work, resurface timeless content, and promote yourself in a different way: email. At The Daily Post, we’ve published email newsletters, using Campaign Monitor, to highlight content.

I love the way Robin Sloan describes the internet in terms of stock and flow:

Flow is the feed. It’s the posts and the tweets. It’s the stream of daily and sub-daily updates that remind people that you exist.

Stock is the durable stuff. It’s the content you produce that’s as interesting in two months (or two years) as it is today…

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