If we as humands approach our lives: in such a way that we lie to ourselves;….We would also have to assume that, we approach every other social situation in the same manner. Unfortanitly; prejudices weakly rooted in illogical, staticlly based datas: of a stiriotipically mass cotious way of veiwing our collective realities as a whole, leaves the glass half empty. In a tecnical conseptional magicans world, theologies, and post settler based view of conseptions… Only further these pratices: studing these issues are of grave consern. Furthermore, Our socially dependent ways of apprching these illy rooted situational chosies unconsciously without using critical thinking is leading to a even bigger problem; as well as reasons for mass war and fammin. A social disease is developing; One that is,polutied in degeneration of the mental capacities, moral sociollagies, and theoretics. So what is the future fate for what was which and now is known as the humane spices… this is jst my own viewpoint and biases of my general yet vast point of inallisis.


Open Your Eyes…

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